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It’s one thing to own a luxury home whilst living in the comfort of your homeland, but imagine you could purchase a luxury home overseas too? Considering the uncertainty over topics such as Brexit and other political issues, it’s no surprise that homeowners may be pondering on moving abroad and purchasing property elsewhere. Luxury homes may sound a bit glamorous, but there are also places around the world where you can discover some real deals. Here are some places you can consider to purchase a luxury home.

Delray Beach, Florida

One of the main appeals for moving to Delray Beach is the relative calmness around the area and the fact some people consider it a great value when you add in the setting and weather. Its relaxing atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for those looking to completely get away from the heavy lifestyle. Based along the coastline, the views are spectacular as you chill along the beachfront and convenience is no issue with airports relatively nearby. Prices begin around $2 million for properties at 3,000 sq. feet reaching to $3.5 million for 3,500 sq. feet covered.

The West Coast, Barbados

How about a luxury home in the Caribbean? The area provides plenty of villa properties alongside stunning beaches and you get the added benefit of luxury golf courses and restaurant that you can enjoy with your time off. In the last 5 years or so, average prices of properties have dropped around 20% which makes it enticing for those looking for a bargain. Although many of the properties reach into the millions, there are more affordable places across other islands.

Pasadena, California

California provides a good blend of value with a desirable lifestyle which many would consider a privilege to have. Where many may have previously considered moving from US to UK for a livelier lifestyle in London for example, Pasadena provides just that and more right on the doorstep. Landmarks and attractions such as the Rose Bowl Stadium and Insititute of Technology, Pasadena offers a private but busy area for potential seekers to enjoy. Average prices in the area begin around $800,000 but some more accessible luxury properties can be low as $450,000. On the higher end of the scale, properties can reach tens of millions of dollars.

Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

A lifted pedestrian bridge in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. New bridge is a part of revitalised waterfront, full of pubs and restaurants.

If you really want to get away from all the noise and disruption where you’re currently, you can always move really far and consider New Zealand as a destination. Auckland, in particular, has become a hub for many international residents due to the corporate businesses that have found new premises in the area. With it has sprung plenty of investment into residential development and an increasing population. Projects offer residential properties at around $600,000 ranging up to $6 million.

The Seaport District, Boston

Boston real estate has seen some real development in the last few years, particularly in the Seaport District area with tall glass skyscrapers bordering the area and contemporary restaurants and attractions being added. If it’s high-end that you want, Boston can definitely offer it. There are plenty that flood to the area from Europe where it’s really hit it off with young professionals. You can start your search with 2 room condos that offer a range of affordable prices.

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